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Nobody likes going through hundreds of pages of dry theory, or struggling with uninteresting examples that don’t compile. With workshops, we've got you covered.

  • Learn by doing real-world development, supported by detailed step-by-step examples and screencasts.

  • Become a verified practitioner, building your credentials by completing exercises, activities and assessment checks.

  • Manage your learning based on your personal schedule, with content structured to easily let you pause and progress at will.

Get Build-Ready

Every Workshop includes a whole host of features that work together to help you get the job done. You’ll be ready to tackle real-world development in no time.
  • Hack Your Brain

    We've applied the latest pedagogical techniques to deliver a truly multimodal experience. It'll keep you engaged and make the learning stick. It's science!

  • Build Real Things

    Nobody likes wasting their time. We cut right to the action and get you building real skills that real, working developers value. The perfect approach for a career move.

  • Learn From Experts

    We've paired technical experts with top editorial talent. They've worked hard to deliver you the maximum impact for each minute you spend learning. It's our secret sauce.

  • Verify Your Credentials

    You can become a verified practitioner. Complete the course to get a certificate. It's perfect for sharing on social media. Hello LinkedIn!

  • Receive Free Updates

    Technology keeps changing, and so do we. We keep versions updated independently, so you'll always have access. No more worrying about third-party release cycles.

  • Access Anywhere

    All you need is an internet connection. We've built every course so that it works on desktop and mobile, giving you options that fit within your schedule.

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Get Verified

Complete your selected Workshop to unlock your certificate.

You can unlock the certificate by completing the course. The credentials are easy to share, and are ideal for displaying on your LinkedIn profile.

A Structure That Works

Every course follows a tried-and-true content structure that delivers learning quickly and efficiently. You'll engage different parts of your brain, helping to stimulate knowledge retention and the growth of your real-world ability.

  • Discover key concepts and ideas through the written word. Easy to skim (and repeat), with plenty of visual imagery.

  • Try your hand at practical exercises and activities, guided by experts who have recorded their progress through every step.

  • Apply yourself to challenges and extend your knowledge in ways that are personal to your individual experience.

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Bring The Team

If you need additional seats or want to integrate with your existing LMS, we've got you covered. A simple billing structure that gives you access to all of the content features you need.
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Integrate Your Way

With over 15 years of publishing experience, we've seen it all. Our content distribution team can shape, mould and package our course content into the format you need.

  • Using an LMS that's compliant with SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, AIIC or xAPI? Our responsive course player has you covered.

  • Need a custom portal or platform? Our development team is on hand to walk you through our white-glove onboarding.

  • Building a library? All courses are available in tried-and-true industry formats, with multiple licensing and royalty options.