Modern AI Programming with Python

Explore the world of AI and how to implement it's different sub-domains using Python


Till a couple of years ago, machine learning was one of the most advanced concepts around, and many IT companies rushed to get the most out of it. As of today, it’s just appeared in few intelligent systems, but it looks already an outdated mechanism. Deep learning is the new hype, and, as it happens, many companies are looking at its benefits.

This session would highlight the different aspects of Artificial Intelligence and how they can be put to practical use using the highly popular Python programming language. The different sub-domains of Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Genetic Algorithms, etc. will be discussed, along with the real-world implementations of them - including Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Heuristic Search, Semantic Web, etc.

Learn how all these aspects can be modelled with Python - one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world today. Different Python libraries such as scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Keras and more will be discussed, and how they can be used for building smart, intelligent systems will be demonstrated.

This course includes a presentation by an industry expert of around 60 minutes, followed by a curated Q&A session.

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Modern AI Programming with Python

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Alberto Boschetti
Alberto Boschetti
Data Scientist

About the instructor

Alberto Boschetti is a Data Scientist with expertise in signal processing and statistics. He holds a PhD in telecommunication engineering and currently lives and works in London. In his work projects, he faces challenges ranging from natural language processing (NLP), behavioural analysis, and machine learning to distributed processing. He is very passionate about his job and always tries to stay updated about the latest developments in data science technologies. He also speaks at meet-ups, conferences, and other events.

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